Information Technology Issues Facing Retailer Business

Information Technology Issues Facing Retailer Business

Methodology ( Write 5 pages)

Research Topic: “Information Technology Issues Facing Retailer Business”

Watch the video “Exploratory, Descriptive and Explanatory Nature of Research

Optionally, watch the video “What is Descriptive Research?

Optionally, watch the video “What is Exploratory Research?

Choose one or more of the three recommended research methodologies and write a methodology paper on your selected topic

The paper must include the reasons and justification for your selected approach using a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed references,

Your paper should be 5 pages maximum and include:

Research Design: Describe and define the anticipated research approach or strategy to be used and how this approach is appropriate for this research

Participants: Describe the anticipated sample population (number, gender, age, socio-economics, etc.) including how you will obtain permission and consent

Instrumentation: Describe any instruments you anticipate using to collect data

Procedure: Provide the detail about how you anticipate conducting the research

Data Processing and Analysis: Explain, in detail, how you anticipate processing and analyzing collected data


The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain scholarly references. In addition, the paper will be submitted through the SafeAssign originality-checking tool.

Note 1: Research Topic: “Information Technology Issues Facing Retailer Business”

Note 2: Short tutorial on qualitative versus quantitative research. USE THIS LINK


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We use exploratory research design in this research. As the name implies, exploratory research is meant to exploring the research question and in offering final and conclusive solutions to the existing issue. Exploratory research is mainly aimed at a conducting study in order to explore an issue that is not clearly defined (Creswell, 2014)………………….


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