Information Technology problems and solutions for small business

Information Technology problems and solutions for small business

Part A:

Write 1-page discussion Board.

In this week’s discussion board, discuss your thoughts about your Research Methodology focusing on:

What research methodology are you planning to use and why?

How does your selected research methodology differ from, at least, one other research methodology?

Remember to use a formal writing style and cite where appropriate

APA citation

Note: My Research paper Topic (IT related problems based) : “Information Technology problems and solutions for small business”

Part B:

Write 5 pages

TR Problem Statement Development

Problem Statement & Research Question(s)

This assignment consist of two parts. Please combine both parts into one document before uploading to Blackboard.

Part 1

Watch the video “Problem Statement

Write a problem statement on the topic created in week 1.

Your problem statement must thoroughly describe the problem and include:

Facts ( shows that your problem is a problem)

The problem (What is your research problem?)

Why it is a problem?

A summary of how you are going to fix the problem

Watch the video “Developing a Research Question

Create two research questions for research topic you created in week 1.

Remember that research questions should focus on the purpose of the research and should provide an answer to the research problem.

Part 2

Write a short paper (5 pages maximum excluding non-content pages) on the process of coming up with a good problem statement and research questions. Your paper should be detailed enough so that someone can read it and come up with the same or similar research questions.


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