Phases of a typical information security

Phases of a typical information security


Discussion Requirements

You are provided a handout that describes a scenario in which an incident occurred along with corrective actions taken. The handout also includes a description of the phases of information security incident response.


Discuss the phases of a typical information security incident response. Using the information presented in the handout, discuss the following questions:

What are the effective responses to a security breach?

Which actions you would recommend for each phase?

Summarize your thoughts in a Microsoft Word document checking for spelling and grammar, then submit it directly (cut & paste) into the discussion thread. Respond to at least two other students’ views to engage in a meaningful debate regarding their posts or to defend your post.

Required Resources

Textbook and Internet

NIST SP 800-30: Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments

Handout: Incident Response Strategies

Submission Requirements

Format: Please enter directly into the Discussion Question window

Citation Style: Follow APA

At least 300 words

Spelling and Grammar count so I suggest you first type your post into MS Word and check for spelling and grammar. You can then cut & Paste into the Discussion Question thread.

Self-Assessment Checklist

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Phases of a typical information security


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