Sony and Japan’s industrialization

Sony and Japan’s industrialization

Write a paper about how Sony and Japan’s industrialization process, basically an informative paper about how Sony raises with Meiji Restoration of Japan. The detailed requirements are in the attachment file.

Term Paper Topic: Choose a topic that matches one of the following three descriptions. Regardless of the topic you choose, you must incorporate a tentative answer to Question 1) above, regarding what aspect(s) of Japanese culture you learned to be unique and persistent.

(1) Focus on one aspect of Japanese culture, society, business, or other area that was addressed in class. Read the related chapters or sections in the Reischauer textbook; find the author’s comments or descriptions that you deem to be outdated and needs to be rewritten (see “Focus Questions” above). Read extensively and in depth to update the facts and discuss how the description and comments/interpretations can be updated. The challenge is to seek out what is one or more of the unique characteristics of Japan and the Japanese culture (philosophy, values, esthetics, social traits, etc.) that endure through and beyond the changes. Be careful not to be deceived by the surface traits or foreign origins. In short, what makes Japan “Japanese”?

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Sony and Japan’s Industrialization


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