Distinguishing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Distinguishing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Distinguishing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Instructions: Some of the following passages are best viewed as attempted deductive arguments, and others are best viewed as offering inductive support. For each, first identify the conclusion of the argument. Next, indicate whether the argument is best understood as deductive or inductive, and explain reasons for your choice.


Kawolski will not play for the Tigers this year, and if you won’t play for the Tigers, he will take a pay cut. Therefore, he will be taking a pay cut.

Manny is older than Rosie, and Rosie is older than Trisha. Therefore, Manny is older than Trisha.

Brenda is going to the office with Desi, so she will not be going to the office by herself.

Every restaurant the Montreaux family has opened in the last six years has made a profit, and they have a new one opening in a few weeks. I am sure this new restaurant will be profitable too.

If you are regularly late to work, you’re more likely to be written up, and the more likely you are to be written up, the more likely you are to be laid off first. So if you are regularly late to work, you are more likely to be laid off first.

Most people who seek a career in the theater are extroverts. Tom is seeking a career in the theater, so he is probably an extrovert.

After the meeting, only two of the nine board members said that they would vote yes on Measure R next week. Since a yes vote from a majority of members is needed, I think it is safe to say the measure will not pass.

Since there are more members of the U.S. House of Representatives than there are days in the year, some members must have birthdays on the same date.

Some cats are mouse haters, and no mouse hater is afraid of the dark, so some cats are not afraid of the dark.

All club members are eligible to vote, since all club members are residents and all residents are eligible to vote.


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A type of reasoning which moves from a definite premise to a general premise is known as inductive reasoning. On the other hand, deductive reasoning entails reasoning moving from a general premise to a definite premise (Heit & Rotello, 2010). Basically, the two types of reasoning are contrary to each other…………………..


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