Huston Smith on the Origin of Religion

Huston Smith on the Origin of Religion

Huston Smith on the Origin of Religion

In discussing Hinduism, Huston Smith explicitly floats an account of the origin of religion, and its function in human life. Does that account strike you as the sort of thing that insiders (i.e. members of various faith communities) would accept or reject? Why or why not?

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The mainstream Western religions certainly have nothing even remotely resembling the Hindu notion of long cycles of births, lives, deaths, and rebirths. Why is that, do you think? What is the function of that idea of Samsara in Hinduism? Do the Western Religions, with which you are familiar, have another way to satisfy this function?

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The Huston Smith account can be accepted because it lies on what people want to achieve in life. All people regardless of their faith have desires in life which grow tired eventually due to the pleasures in life which are finite and which last only during lifetime……………………..


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