Pregnancy assistance services

Pregnancy assistance services

pregnancy assistance 50
Julie is a 33-year-old female. She comes to your agency seeking pregnancy assistance services. After reviewing Julie’s history, you learn that she has already had four children removed from her care due to “failure to protect” including subjecting them to her abusive boyfriends and substance abuse. Her parental rights have been terminated for all four children. Julie says that she likes having children because “I know that they’ll love me.” Julie wants you to help her keep her child.

You are a female worker who is married. You and your husband have attempted to have children but are facing fertility problems and you insurance coverage is limited in paying for costly infertility procedures. You desperately want to have children. Julie, your client, seems to have the ability to have children at will.
Address the following in your discussion:

What are the challenges facing this human service worker?
What might the worker be feeling?
As the human service worker in this scenario, how will you maintain objectivity?
What will you write in your assessment? Be specific. Give examples.


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pregnancy assistance services


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