HR Staffing Strategies

HR Staffing Strategies

For your staffing assignment, you’ll need to write a detail breakdown of your HR staffing strategies that’s at least two pages in length and addresses the following:

Goal Choice

  • Clearly state which of your three goals from your previous course project assignment that you wish to accomplish.

The three goals are Specific it answers the what, why, and how you will accomplish your goals. Example trying to increase customer feedback ratings by hiring a outside firm to work with your customer service team. 2nd Measurable it uses number’s as criteria for success that helps management understand what they are trying to accomplish. Example: Setting measurable goals by increasing customer feedback ratings by 10%. 3rd Timely is time frame for achievement. Example: seeking to improve customer service scores by the end of 6 months.


  • What are three traits that you believe employees must have in order to help you accomplish your chosen goal? Explain your choices.
  • In detail, identify two strategies that you will use to attract qualified employees to hire.
    • How do these strategies fit with your chosen business and chosen goal?
    • How will your methods of attracting staff cater to a diverse work force? What benefits will your goal in particular gain from having a diverse team working together?


  • Will you train your employees online or face to face?
    • How does this choice fit with your chosen business and chosen goal?
  • What are two areas that training for new employees should cover? Why did you make these choices?
  • What are two areas that training for existing employees should cover? Why did you make these choices?
  • How will you design your training to ensure that employees effectively collaborate and work as a team?


  • In detail, identify two retention strategies that you’ll use to keep high performing employees.
    • What advantages and disadvantages does each of these strategies have?
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