How does institutional racism vary across countries

How does institutional racism vary across countries

How does institutional racism vary across countries

This assignment is a five-page ORIGINAL paper on “Racial/Ethnic Inequality” that includes a cover page and reference page (seven total pages). The paper should incorporate a minimum of four academic reference from peer reviewed journals or books (see the following list for suggestions)be written following the APA 6th edition found in the online library, answer a specific question about racial inequality, and be “original” in thought. A paper that answers a specific question will be more likely to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts explored in this course and your ability to apply these concepts in thinking about contemporary society.

Below, a list of potential thesis questions have been provided. If you choose one of these options, please select a narrowly defined question that can be thoroughly answered in a five-page essay. To illustrate, questions such as, “How has immigration affected U.S. society,” is too broad. Instead, revise the question to something like the following, “How has immigration affected the purchasing power of American consumers?”

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Institutional racism is when an institution discriminates against a group of people or things or against an individual. An example is the black and white schools that have been established in the United States where the children with color are not allowed to white schools…………………………….


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