How does groupthink work

How does groupthink work

In this assignment, you will explore an instance of groupthink and converse with your peers about the role groupthink played in the situation. For this week, your Discussion Board post is due on Thursday by 11:59pm
How does groupthink work? You’ve probably seen it work on a small scale—perhaps a group project for your class being led astray by a classmate interested in a quick grade and less interested in quality. You have probably also read about it in a history class, or witnessed it in actual events of this century.


  1. Identify a world or historical event in which groupthink played a large role.
  2. Use the Internet or other resources to research your chosen event and identify the preliminary, planning, and execution stages that led to it.

Connect the event to the information in the readings in this unit and post your analysis to the discussion board. In your analysis, answer the following questions:

  • What effect did groupthink have on the experience?
  • Is groupthink always negative? Why or why not?
  • How can groupthink be avoided? Explain.

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How does groupthink work


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