Is the Home Perspective realistic

Is the Home Perspective realistic

Questions to consider

1). Although Sachs’ focuses on ‘The Home Perspective’ he does offer other approaches (The Fortress Perspective and the Astronaut’s Perspective) which can be found on page 295. Do either of these perspectives offer a better approach than the Home Perspective? Why or why not might this be the case?

2). Is the Home Perspective realistic? Not only does the Home Perspective call for a reduction in consumption but also it suggests that a complete change of behavior and societal structure would be necessary to accomplish its goals. Is this perspective realistic enough for countries to adopt it? If not could some less extreme version of the Home Perspective be implemented?

3). Aside from his brief mention of the fuel-efficient car, Sachs’ doesn’t fully explore the idea of technological innovation. Is this an oversight in his perspective or will technological innovation not be enough to help the current situation as he suggests?4). The Home Perspective calls for the Global North to take responsibility for our past and current consequences of overdevelopment. Does Sachs’ go too far with his perspective? Is it fair? If not how could he amend the perspective so it is fairer?

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In Sachs’ view technological innovation cannot be relied upon to ease the current situation the globe is in. He further explains that despite the fact that technology has enabled the construction of fuel-efficient vehicles the fact that many people………………………


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