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American society transformed

American society transformed

(Status: Writer Assigned) american society transformed 1720-1770 , history book “a people and a nation chapter 4 (3 pages, 0 slides)

watch the video associated with this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVXAaSKC8iY
Hopefully, the link will work and you can get to work on the assignment without any problem. The assignment is writing out some feedback (no citations needed) to the four questions listed below. The goal is to encourage students to connect written lessons they just read about to some visual depictions of the same stories. To earn their full credit, please write somewhere between 100-150 words, per question, and answer all the question’s parts.

1. What was this movie about? How did it relate to other material in this module? Did you know about this topic prior to learning about it in HIST 100?

2. What are the two most memorable things you took from this movie? What would you tell someone (positive things, please) about this topic had they zero knowledge and wanted to learn?

3. In what ways did seeing the movie’s events help you to better understand the stories laid out in the lecture and textbook? Please provide a specific example connecting something depicted in the movie to something mentioned in the lecture or textbook.

4. What was your overall impression of this period? Who/What do you see as the most significant episode that scholars and filmmakers should continue to document?

5 .Are you surprised to learn that colonial North America had such ethno-cultural diversity? explain, write between 1000 to 2000 words.Comments from Support Team:


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American society transformed


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