Describe the use of mobile health in healthcare.

Describe the use of mobile health in healthcare.

Top EHRs, computers assist coding, use mobile in healthcare

Top EHRs

Take a look at the top EHR companies this year according to this source:… (you may need to copy and paste link into your browser).

What did you think?

Have you used any of these products?

Have any companies made big gains since 2013 (you will have to research this)?

Also, just because a company pulls in more revenue – does this mean that they are “better”?

Second Part: Answer these Questions.

1. Compare and contrast the differences between front-end and back-end speech recognition technology from the health information management (transcription) viewpoint.

2. Discuss pros and cons of computer-assisted coding.

3.Describe the use of mobile health in healthcare.


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The medical sector has embraced the use of technology just like all other industries to improve their delivery of service to their patients. The act has seen the medicine team collaborate with the information and technology experts to digitalize the industry and offer better-qualified services to ensure improved productivity…………………

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