The foundation of the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) feasibility plan

The foundation of the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) feasibility plan


The foundation of the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) feasibility plan is supported by the growing senior population in an already densely senior populated Mission Viejo area. There is currently a void of dedicated senior health services in the areas outlined in this plan. According to the California DMV, by 2033 the number of seniors in California will have increased by 100% since 2013 and make up nearly 20% of the state’s total population (Camp. 2013). The target market of this plan is 95,000 people over the age of 60, with an average median age of 44 years, which is older than the state’s median age. The same success and community service will be provided by a GAH for senior citizens as it has been for the children with Mission’s Children’s Hospital. The aging community deserves access to quality healthcare for their unique medical, cognitive and rehabilitative needs. These needs would be best served with a medical center (MC) dedicated to this population’s acute and complex health, as well as a community clinic (CC) to provide continuity of specialized and preventative care. These facilities require design that caters to the physical, mental and social challenges of senior citizens.

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Executive Summary


Mission Viejo Medical Center(MVMC) proposes to create a Golden Age Hospital (GAH) to expand and improve services to the elderly in the nine surrounding areas. Given the success of the dedicated Children’s Hospital (CHOC) design, similar results with a senior demographic look promising. The current lack of coordinated and consolidated hospital services for this age group is a significant factor in poor outcomes and high healthcare costs. The center is situated in an area that provides dedicated senior living to 27,000 persons. This concentration will allow for an effective GAH marketing campaign. Currently, the majority of acute and chronic care for this age group falls on emergency rooms, first responders and the sub-acute units of local skilled nursing facilities. By providing a dedicated senior hospital these issues can be addressed in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. Being able to deliver localized, quality care also stands to improve overall community health by reducing emergency room visits, reducing readmission rates, improving management of chronic conditions and improving access for seniors to specialized care. MVMC imagines creating the same cadre of highly skilled gerontological specialists as their successful children’s venture that benefits both the individual and their communities.


Executive Summary



Problem Statement

One multidiscipline hospital serves nine communities, including two large retirement communities. Accessible senior services such as preventative care, geriatric medical care, discharge care, and hospice or palliative care are needed for aging seniors.

Background Information

Two hospitals serve nine districts. A regional hospital and a children’s hospital are available to the surrounding areas. The option of incorporating a healthcare facility, or wing, for seniors has been made available to the nearby retirement communities.

Risk and Opportunities

All developmental elements must work seamlessly together to create a practical and marketable healthcare system for the nearby senior. Fiscal responsibility, business strategies, marketing methods, and organization communication will need to be active and efficient for the Golden Age Hospital wing to provide quality care.


The retirement communities may hire staff, such as nurses, technicians, and traveling physicians, to check on residents. Moreover, the Mission Viejo Hospital may reduce costs by solely providing outpatient services and preventative. Inpatient needs may be met at the regional hospital.


The Golden Age Hospital wing will serve over 26,000 seniors of the surrounding areas. Specialized geriatric care will need to be made available for the aging population and surrounding retirement communities.

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The foundation of the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) feasibility plan


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