Health Promotion in Nursing Care

 Health Promotion in Nursing Care

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The concept of health has changed in various forms depending on its ills at that particular period; as it is defined based on the ills of that period. In the early 19th century it was known as the absence of any disease. This was so during that period because sanitation was a major problem, water was infected, waste were not properly disposed and uncleanliness. Due to this many were sick with diseases until a solution was found. In the 20th century, Health was defined as as being able to function in the society free from any disease or disability that could hinder one’s ability to function in the community or society. With the invention of vaccines it made possible to not only prevent diseases, but also control diseases in newborns, elderly and chronic disease.

Health initially known as free from disease, now means fully healthy mentally, physically, emotionally targeting the overall wellbeing of a person. Health promotion using monitoring, health education and health literacy aims to promote a healthy society. This was aided by the U.S Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) which created programs to make health promotion a success. With a goal of creating healthy citizens free of disease and disability, and increasing the quality of life and health behavior in all ages. The need for nurses to carryout evidence based care on health is very important. Nurses are responsible for patient care.

They use the history and characteristics of the patient to identify the patient needs. Depending on the need the nurse carries out extensive health education using evidence based standard of care, also assessing the patient’s readiness, ability and willingness to learn. The nurse with them provides care, but the nurse serves at the forefront of the patient and the middle person between the patient, family and staff. Also if needed nurses carryout certain task, such as but not limited to vaccinating, health screening of all ages and disabilities.


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Health Promotion in Nursing


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