How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes

How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes

After reading the article and the points addressed, I can agree that structural violence perpetuates health disparity. The relationship between health and fear is real and there is evidence to prove this statement. According to the article, health care workers can inform, teach, provide material and speak with the patient, but no matter what tactic we take, we must understand the social forces that impact health improvement, or it will not improve. The social factors involved prevent patients from seeking care, listening to care advice or following through with what is suggested. The factors involved that lead to perpetual disparity will continue unless we as health care workers work to overcome these obstacles.

The groups identified with having these disparities often come from impoverished, minority groups with lack of funds, education, or understanding when it comes to health care. There were three factors that went into the idea of structural violence. Those three ideas were the fact that cost of care caused fear about treatment or care for health. Some participants in the study talked about being afraid because they couldn’t afford the bills that would come from the care. The next component was the fear of discrimination. They reported hearing from health care providers in the past making statements regarding their language barriers. They felt that speaking English was expected of them and were possibly judged by their accents. The last dimension of fear is concerning their traditional practices in regards to their health. When these patients talked about their “teas” or “herbs” in relation to healing or curing they were afraid the doctor would not agree with their choices in alternative practices. These patients did not disclose these alternative treatments because they were afraid they would be in trouble with the doctor for choosing these options.

I agree that this violence perpetuates disparity because of not only what I read to be true according to the article, but I have also witnessed it. Many of the patients I work with have gone through many of these same situations and their illnesses only progress. At times they will get “better” but because of the lack of resources available, being unable to pay, or being embarrassed they eventually come back in the same situation or sometimes worse.


Page-Reeves, J., Niforatos, J., Mishra, S., Regino, L., Gingrich, A., & Bulten, J. (2013). Health Disparity and Structural Violence: How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes. Journal of Health Disparities Research & Practice, 6(2), 30-47.

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Structural violence refers to social institutions denying group from seeking their basic needs. Structural violence creates health disparities by revealing social patterns and dimensions deterring people from seeking health services especially on terminal ailments like diabetes. The disadvantaged groups are mostly the minority…………………………..


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