How does Lanesha’s temperament affect the situation

How does Lanesha’s temperament affect the situation

For this assignment, you will learn about Lanesha Johnson, whose case story is available at…

Listen to the Lecture and review the Learning Activity #1

Write a paper that addresses the following:

From a cultural perspective, is it unusual that Grandmother Marietta is the primary caregiver?

Discuss the ways in which Lanesha, Grandma Marietta, and Hannah Healthcare approach this situation from totally different perspectives.

How does Lanesha’s temperament affect the situation?

What responsibilities do health care providers have in this situation?

Length: 2-3 pages, excluding the cover page and the reference list.


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Based on the lectures, Grandmother Marietta’s act as the primary caregiver to Lanesha is not unusual but rather usual from the cultural perspective. According to the graph, percentages of the three ethnic groups, African-American, Latino, and Caucasian population, the African-American families……………………………


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