Describe the connections to other health care setting

Describe the connections to other health care setting

Describe the connections to other health care settings/ entities your system has in regards to the continuum of care. Are they Vertical, Virtual, Horizontal, Mixed?

Why do you feel this way?

Is your organization part of a consolidated system? If not, could you see it becoming part of one?

Are you aware of any hospital closings or expansions in your area?

As more companies merge and are acquired by others, in your opinion, is this consolidation of health care an appropriate response to the economic and political environment in the US? For more on this read about this issue here: Pinsker, J. (2017, December 4). Why CVS wants to buy Aetna? The Atlantic.

What is it going to mean for patient care?

Which aspect of the Triple Aim do you see you/ your organization working the most to improve?

What role do you see yourself taking on in your health care organization as health care in the US changes?

The advent of sub systems such as Consolidated Systems and Networks was necessitated largely in part due to the economics of financing health care.How are providers being reimbursed?

uTo assure that organizations and systems are delivering quality care and not just reorganizing for financial gains the Institute for Healthcare Improvement has developed a tool called the Triple AIM at improving patient care, at the same time becoming more cost efficient at the delivery of care.

Vertical integration consolidates (and controls) health services under one organizational roof

Virtual integration involves contractual links between the health plan which may be an HMO, and physician groups, hospitals, and other provider units.

uVertical- A prominent example of a vertically integrated system would be Kaiser Health Care Organization.

uThe patients obtain their insurance, acute care hospital, primary care services, and pharmaceutical needs all within the organization of Kaiser.

uVirtual- many consumers are familiar with this model.If they have participated in HMOs or PPO insurance programs, these are examples of virtual integration.



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Healthcare is essentially a local business requiring proper integration within the local market. My organization uses virtual integration because it utilizes the principles of standard contractual agreement and combines them with organizational responsibilities. The organization consists of operating systems of agreements………………………..


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