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Laying the Foundation for a Health Promotion Program

Laying the Foundation for a Health Promotion Program

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Laying the Foundation for a Health Promotion Program

**In your last assignment you were to imagine undertaking a position with your state’s health department as the director of health promotion.** PLEASE SEE THE ATTATCHED ASSIGNMENT

In this assignment, your agency has asked you to develop a preliminary planning guide for a health promotion program in your area focusing on a particular health problem or topic of interest to you. This guide will serve as a “road map” for your agency that will set the foundation for a grant proposal to help develop this program.

To begin working on your planning guide, you will need to refer to the Healthy People 2020 Topics and
Objectives Page and select an area of focus in which to address: http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/overview.aspx?topicid=2

Topic will be Adolescent Health

Part I: Background Information on Area of Interest
What is the topic you selected, and why is it a problem in your area? What relevant statistics or other background information support the need for a health promotion program on this topic? What sorts of factors (e.g., behavioral, psychological, environmental, social, etc.) are contributing to this problem?

Part II: Proposed Program and Features
Based on what you know about your problem area, what sort of health promotion program do you think might be needed for your own community? Who is the target audience for this program? Consider 2-3 specific goals that you have for your program and discuss how you would integrate Healthy People 2020. Will your goals model those indicated by Healthy People? If yes, how will you specifically address them so that they apply to your promotion program? If no, how might you use Healthy People to achieve your goals?

Part III: Resources and Community Involvement
What particular resources will you need from your community, city, or state in order to achieve the objectives that you selected? Based on your understanding of a “healthy community”, what challenges might you experience in your own city/community that could adversely affect the success of your program? What might help it succeed?

Part IV: Ethical Considerations
How do you plan to ensure that you maintain the highest of ethical standards with the population you plan to reach? Identify 2-3 potential ethical problems that your proposed program might present, as well as how you will address them.

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Laying the Foundation for a Health Promotion Program


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