Rise of global economy

Rise of global economy

Rise of Global Economy

1. What was the Gunpowder revolution? How did it affect European states?
2. What was the Gutenberg Revolution? What was its impact on society?
3. What was the Age of Discovery? How did it come about?
4. What was the Commercial revolution? The Price Revolution?
5. What was the Agricultural revolution? How did the countryside change?
6. What was proto-industrialization? What crafts and cottage industries were there?
7. What started the Industrial Revolution? What was the factory system?
8. How was the steam engine invented and improved? What was its use?
9. How did banking evolve, and how did it help people, kings, and entrepreneurs?
10. Why did business evolve from private, to partnerships, to joint-stock companies?
11. What global empires emerged by 1800? What was traded across the seas?
12. How did the United States expand west? What was the American System?

Answer these questions in a paper of 7-10 double spaced pages. Number your answers.
Provide reference to pages in the textbook, and to other sources, as needed.
Write with sufficient detail and point to important facts and developments.

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The Rise of the global economy


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