Faith and Integration forum

Faith and Integration forum

Question 1

Multinational Corporations as a driving force for globalization and the impact they have economically, socially, politically, and culturally.

2The characteristics of the successful global business professional is crucial to international business success. How does this apply to Christians?

1.a Conduct an Internet search and list 5 top ranking global companies that promote a spiritual and biblical proponent within their business operations.

1.b.Provide a brief overview of the main business activities of each company.

1.c.Explain and give examples how each business integrates a biblical worldview and mindset within the company and its products and services.

Question 2

2a.Access and Read the Internet article How to be a Christian business owner: Doing business with integrity.

2b.List (from top to lowest priority) what you believe to be the 10 most important characteristics of the Christian Business Professional.

2c.Provide a brief explanation for each answer in the list and why you think they are the most important aspects for the global business manager

Question 3

Read Could the Biblical Worldview be considered a cultural dimension? Why or why not? Question 4 Suppose you have been assigned to a new job in another nation, and that nation does not embrace a Biblical Worldview. What would you need to do to prepare yourself for that assignment in terms of maintaining your Biblical and ethical beliefs 200 t0 400 words for each questions


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Faith and Integration forum


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