The topic I want it to be on is Genetic Engineering of babies.

Basically this is a 5 page ethics paper on the topic. There must be a work cited page written in MLA format with at least 4 reliable sources and each quotation/paraphrase must have hardvard style in text citations. All of the questions below must be answered in the paper as well. More information is in the email below(worth 200 points)


The purpose of this Ethics Paper is to help the student identify the various points of view on a topic and then determine where they stand on the issue. To that end, you will select one (1) of the topics below. Please write the topics in the header of your paper so that I know what I’m grading. You will then write a maximum five (5) page paper on the topic using the following guidelines while thinking like an anthropologist (i.e. holistically).

While there is room for opinions in this paper, all opinions must be supported with evidence from reliable sources (peer reviewed journal articles, scientific magazines, government/non-for-profit websites). Students must use a minimum of 4 reliable sources in this paper and use Harvard style in-text citation and reference at the end of the paper


Topics (select one)

  1. Genetic engineering of babies

Points to Cover:

  1. What was your prior knowledge on the topic you chose?
  2. What ethics issues have you identified with regards to your topic?
  3. What are the main arguments for ALL sides of the ethical issue?
  4. Which argument do you most agree with and why?

Thinking like an anthropologist, can you identify where the other arguments are coming from (i.e. cultural relativism, contextualizing why they believe what they believe)? Why or why not?



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