Financial losses

Financial losses

Put yourself in the following situation. You are a supervisor at a firm that has experienced financial losses and has recently downsized. You were forced to layoff three of a total of seven members of your team. The layoffs have shaken the survivors, all of whom fear that they may be next to get a “pink slip.” Workloads have increased, and lately your subordinates always seem to be on edge.

Several days ago the members of your group got into an argument over a project. One of the participants came to you practically in tears, saying that group members seemed to be at each other’s throats, while in the past they would have helped each other.

Describe which problem-focused and/or emotion-focused coping strategies you believe would be effective in helping your team members deal with the stress they are experiencing.

2. Do you think either an institutionalized role orientation or an individual role orientation is superior? Or is each best for a particular type of group? If so, what type of group would benefit from each type of orientation?

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financial losses


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