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Fascism, which originated in Italy during WWI, is a type of, strict, or authoritarian nationalism. Italian military veterans were not well received after the war and often were harassed by the public, particularly if seen if uniform. The Ittalians were promised much prior to WWI if they would support the allies, this however did not come to fruition and as a result the hatred of Prime Minister Orlando, and the military veterans, left the door wide open to Fascism.

Benito Mussolini founded the Fascist Party, the Fascio di Combattimento, in March 1919. The Fascist Party, composed largely of war veterans, was vehemently anti-communist, and advocated the glorification of war, which they claimed displayed the nobility of the Italian soul. The Fascists thought Italy was destined to recapture the glory of Rome.

Fascism differs from pure authoritarian regimes in that it glorifies war. Mussolini consolidated his power under the motto: “All in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Under this doctrine he ruled Italy with a tight fist during the war years, instituting economic and social reforms, some successful, others unsuccessful. He was sympathetic to Adolf Hitler’s desire to regain glory for Germany and Europe, and proved Hitler’s most important ally.


Paxton, R. (1998). The Five Stages of Fascism. The Journal of Modern History, 70(1), 1-23. doi:10.1086/235001

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Italy was promised a territory by the Britain’s, French and the Russians in the case where they accepted to be allies in the World War 1. When the Italian returned home and demanded the territory they were promised, the principle of national self-determination prevented th………………………..


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