Faith and Integration Forum

Faith and Integration Forum

Question 1

  • Multinational Corporations as a driving force for globalization and the impact they have economically, socially, politically, and culturally.
  • 2The characteristics of the successful global business professional is crucial to international business success. How does this apply to Christians?

1.aConduct an Internet search and list 5 top ranking global companies that promote a spiritual and biblical proponent within their business operations.

1.b.Provide a brief overview of the main business activities of each company.

1.c.Explain and give examples how each business integrates a biblical worldview and mindset within the company and its products and services.

Question 2

2a.Access and Read the Internet article How to be a Christian business owner: Doing business with integrity.

2b.List (from top to lowest priority) what you believe to be the 10 most important characteristics of the Christian Business Professional.

2c.Provide a brief explanation for each answer in the list and why you think they are the most important aspects for the global business manager

Question 3

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Faith and Integration Forum


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