Explaining electrical energy production

Explaining electrical energy production

Explaining electrical energy production

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Subject: Physics
Topic: Explaining electrical energy production

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I'd like to give you the choice of which types of electrical energy production you would like to
have explained to you in more detail. Choose any four of the following several different sources,
which are described on the next few pages:
 standard batteries (voltaic piles)
 solar cells
 squeezing piezoelectric crystals
 wind-generated energy production
 coal-fired thermal generator
 tidal powered generators
Once you've picked the four productions you'd like to look at, then go to the page watch a video.
There is also additional suggested reading if you'd like more. As you watch & read, gather
information to answer the same questions about each of the four:
1) How does this type of energy production work? What is the mechanism that causes the
electrons to start getting pushed (creating current)? [We know that they all create a negative
charge to push electrons and a positive charge to attract them, but how does this charge
imbalance come about?]
2) Does this type of energy production directly create carbon emissions? [Note that if something
is burned, then there will be carbon emissions. Adding carbon emissions to the atmosphere has
the effect of warming Earth's atmosphere.]
3) What are some of the other advantages and disadvantages of this type of energy production?
Summary each when you are done viewing the material and taking notes.

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Explaining electrical energy production


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