What is your experience watching “Arnulf Rainer

What is your experience watching “Arnulf Rainer

1.symphonie Diagonale (Diagonal Symphony) (Viking Eggeling, 7 min., 1924) 



– What is the main idea the filmmaker was trying to express in this film?
– Why do you think so?

answer the questions above after watching the video, write a 200 words paragraph


Read the pdf “Movement as Meaning in Experimental Film (pg iii – 8)” and type your comments on the article, answering the question below, by 

– What is your experience watching “Arnulf Rainer” (Peter Kubelka, 1960) in class, comparing to the reaction of Daniel Barnett watching “Fire of Waters” (Stan Brakhage, 1956).

200 words paragraph.


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Symphonie Diagonale is one of Viking Eggeling’s greatest works. In fact, it is the only surviving of his many works. In this film, white geometric shapes can be seen as a projection of a dark (black) background. These shapes appear in form of illuminated lines that come abruptly. These lines are static and therefore attention………


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