Excellent Strategic Management Showcased

Excellent Strategic Management Showcased

Excellent Strategic Management Showcased

Read “Excellent Strategic Management Showcased: Priceline.com Inc.” on page 90 of your course textbook. As you read, pay close attention to Priceline’s strategy, and write a case study describing the following points:

 What are Priceline’s internal strengths and weaknesses?

 Who are Priceline’s competitors?

 Do you see Priceline’s strategy as effective or ineffective? Why?

Your case study must be at least one page in length, not including a title and reference page. Outside sources are not a requirement for this case study, but if you choose to use them, they must be cited and referenced according to APA standards

Chapter 3: The External Assessment

 Chapter 4: The Internal Assessment

David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2015). Strategic management: A competitive advantage approach, concepts and cases [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (15th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.vitalsource.com/textbooks?term=9781323…

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Priceline.com is a travel company that is based online. The company lets the buyers name the price on the item that they want. The company deals with rental cars, vacation packages, airline tickets, cruises and hotel rooms. The company was founded in 1997 and has a patented……………………………
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