Role of Evidence  

Role of Evidence

Role of Evidence

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Perhaps one of the most famous and publicized crime stories in contemporary America occurred in June of 1994 when the ex-wife of O. J. Simpson (Nicole Brown Simpson) and her friend Ronald Goldman were found brutally murdered at the Simpsons’ household. Mr. Simpson, a famous football star, was eventually arrested and prosecuted for the crime. After an extensive and highly publicized trial that lasted 9 months, Mr. Simpson was found not guilty for the deaths of his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman. Mr. Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, was able to convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt regarding the DNA evidence (and the evidence in general), and there were also allegations of misconduct by the Los Angeles Police Department, which was responsible for investigating the crime. For this assignment, you will discuss the following questions related to this case:

Briefly summarize the nature of the physical evidence in the O. J. Simpson investigation.

What role did the physical evidence play in the investigation? Explain.

What were the problems with the physical evidence? Explain.

What do you think should have been done differently regarding the evidence? Why?

Considering the mistakes made by the police department and lab personnel, was a proper decision made by the courts regarding the physical evidence? Why or why not?

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Role of Evidence


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