Ethical toolbox

Ethical toolbox

Create “Ethical Toolbox” and then using the “tools” from your Ethical Toolbox to analyze an ethical dilemma you faced in the last couple of years. Please write a response to the following prompts below in 5p . The first page shall be the Ethical Toolbox and the last four (4) pages shall be an essay analyzing your ethical dilemma.

The first page of this assignment involves making an Ethical Toolbox, which shall be your souvenir from this class. You shall make a reminder for yourself of the tools that will help you analyze future ethical dilemmas. This reminder would be something that you could hang in a private place in your office where only you could view it.

Apply your Ethical Toolbox to a personal ethical dilemma you faced by writing an essay in 4-5 pages

The Ethical Toolbox should be entitled “When Facing an Ethical Dilemma, I will . . .” Complete this sentence by adding the questions and factors you should consider when analyzing future ethical dilemmas.Preferably, your Ethical Toolbox will incorporate the four-step Ethical Decision Making Model and some of the factors (i.e. violation of company policy, likelihood of regretting the decision, the treatment you would appreciate receiving if you were in a similar situation, etc.) you think are important to consider from the “Business Ethics”.You may also use information from materials outside this course.You may be creative in the way you structure this document.

Write about an ethical dilemma that you faced at work in the last couple of years.Describe the facts surrounding the ethical dilemma as if you are currently facing the situation.

From the dilemma described above, analyze the ethical dilemma as if you are currently facing the dilemma using the questions and/or factors from your Ethical Toolbox. This section of the paper should end with the appropriate action you should take regarding the dilemma.

Given that you faced this ethical dilemma in the past, please explain the choice or action you actually took regarding the dilemma.Since hindsight is 20/20 vision, do you wish you would have handled the ethical dilemma differently? What have you learned?

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Ethical toolbox

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