Cultivate an understanding of scientific methods of thought and a broad view of scientific achievements

Cultivate an understanding of scientific methods of thought and a broad view of scientific achievements

The students are required to write a term paper as a partial fulfillment of the course, which counts 10 %  of the performance in evaluation. The term paper should address some of the following issues:

Cultivate an understanding of scientific methods of thought and a broad view of scientific achievements;

Focus on theories and discoveries fundamental to the current scientific representation of reality;

Develop an historical perspective that includes the contributions of scientists to the understanding of scientific principles;

Emphasize the demand for evidence as the ultimate test of scientific validity;

Analyze the advantages and limitations of empirical approaches to understanding and influencing the world around us;

Promote an understanding of the roles of imagination and logical reasoning in the development of scientific thought;

Give appropriate attention to societal issues arising from scientific and technological developments, such as ethical dilemmas, environmental problems, and religious controversies;

Use appropriate technology to aid in the understanding of scientific principles and in the solution of problems.

Guidelines for term paper

The topics for term paper

It should be related to electricity and magnetism, or to the historical development of electric industry or theories, or the social and political implications of them.

Length and typographical requirements

The main text typed in plain Times New Roman font 12 should be at least 4 pages, not including figures, footnotes and references. More than one type of references are better than a single type of references such as articles from the websites only. All the references should be cited in the main text and a list of references should be appended at end of the paper. Each reference include the title and the author of the paper, name of magazine and year of publication, volume and page numbers, or website address. All the quoted texts need to be put in the quotation marks. You are encouraged to discuss the subject with your own idea and language, and discouraged to construct a paper by simply using copy-and-paste technique.

Structure and format of the paper

A scientific term paper need to include but not limited to the following parts:

Introduction and historical background of the subject under discussion. This part explains why the issue or subject is important, how was it developed, and what are the current situation about the issue.

Analysis of the issue. In this part the different aspects of the issue are fully explored and analyzed quantitatively, supported with figures, charts and tables. Controversy is analyzed and your opinion and solutions are fully explained. Depending on the nature of topics, this part is the most dynamic and may be organized and presented in vary different way. It is up to your knowledge and skill to present a strong case with a convincing analysis.

Conclusion. The last but not the least important part of your paper is the conclusion. You need to offer a concise summary of what conclusions you can draw from your discussion and analysis. What are the problems related to the issue at the present, and what are the possible solutions to these problems.


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The development of electricity and magnetism dates back to 600 BC with the discovery of static electricity by a Greek philosopher, Thales, who noticed that when amber was rubbed with silk, it became electrically charged and attracted other object. In the 16th century William Gilbert discovered that many other substances…………………………………………..


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