Environmental Scanning Exercise

Environmental Scanning Exercise

his needs to be APA Formatted, along with max of 3 pages, and an additional page for references. Since this is a graduate level course, minimum is 3 references.

Recommendation: In your report (max. length 3 pages), explore three countries you think may be viable for your team’s expatriate packet. Look at updates from the United States State Department, and you might want to look at other websites listed in the Web Links file within the Helpful Resources tab. Note: there was no websites listed other than SHRM really on here and these:







*****This is for reference of what was given for the expatriate packet (This is not what I am asking for to be completed, I am needing an Environmental Scanning Excercise based off this) :

RESEARCH COMPONENT:Expatriate Orientation Packet

Imagine that you are the HR manager of an organization that has overseas locations. You are going to send an employee on an overseas assignment. Chose a country in which either you or a member of your team has an interest. Chose a specific city within that country. As the HR department, prepare an expatriate orientation booklet for this employee who will be going to your organization’s facility in this location. The employee you have chosen to send on this overseas assignment will be going with a spouse and two school age children. Page 1 of the project sets the stage by introducing yourself (the HR manager), your organization, the employee and the new assignment.Research & investigate what information about the country this employee and family will need to know. Create the orientation booklet, including both general information about the particular country you have chosen (e.g., cultural information, business etiquette, currency, exchange rate, language, schools, taxes, political structure, climate, etc.) and specific HR information (e.g., compensation package, relocation allowances, spousal/family assistance, cultural and/or language training, benefits, tax offsets, etc.).Be sure to include a Table of Contents and relevant Exhibits. This is to be posted to the appropriate Blackboard Discussion Forum before midnight Wednesday,(see Course Calendar).You are expected to comment on one another’s expatriate packets before midnight Sunday, (see Course Calendar).

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The job is mainly to manage all the different operations of the company in Florence Italy. This is a job that we feel that you are most qualified for and one that we believe you will be able to deliver in the best way possible services with regard to the company’s contracts. This is a vital……………………………..


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