Watch the movie Enron

Watch the movie Enron

Watch the movie Enron

This week you will watch the movie Enron.

In the essay, research the history of Enron.
Talk about the company.
What did they do wrong? How did they misrepresent the company?
At the beginning and the closing of Enron watch carefully about details on the big screen.
What did you see?

Hint: Look at the signs.

How does the movie make you feel knowing what Enron did to thousands and thousands of workers lost their jobs?
Over 4,000 Enron employees were let go when they closed. The AFL-CIO said that over 28,500 workers have lost their jobs from Enron, WorldCom, and accounting firm Arthur Andersen alone.

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You have 2 hours to watch the film

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Watch the movie Enron


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