Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications.

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Data encryption at rest is a must but at some point of time, it is necessary to move to data to other user, source, server, etc. So, protecting this data is also a high priority just like data at rest.

Advantages of data encryption in transit are:

1] The data is protected as the decryption keys would be only available to intended users

2] Encryption keeps the data integrity intact. Alterations are not possible with data encryption

3] The most emerging technology ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ has the most need of data encryption. Data is being transferred to multiple devices and privacy is the most important factor in this because if the attacker gains access to once device, as all other devices are interconnected, he can access other devices too.


1] As said in point 3 above, data encryption in transit can be more of a challenge in Internet of things technology. If the hacker has decryption keys, or gains access while data is being transferred, he can get access to all devices which are interconnecred.

2] The Decryption keys have to be maintained all the time and should be stored somewhere. If the attacker gets access to the key, the encrypted data is vulnerable to the attack.

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One favorable position to encryption is that it separates the security if information from the security of the gadget where information is transmitted. Other key points of interest to implementing encryption incorporate the disposal of the agony that accompanies information break indulgences, the arrangement of solid assurance for licensed innovation. Individuals should remember that standard email isn’t secure and is in certainty commensurate to composing delicate data on postcards that are sent by means of the mail. Encryption accompanies various points of interest that need to ensure the two information very still and information in flight. Some more advantages include: Genuine feelings of serenity, Data fraud Protection, Safe Decommissioning of Computer, Unapproved Access Protection, Consistency with Data Protection Acts


Encryption is an extremely complex innovation. Administration of encryption keys must be an additional regulatory undertaking for frequently overburdened IT staff. One major inconvenience of encryption as it identifies with keys is that the security of information turns into the security of the encryption key. Lose that key, and you adequately lose your information. Scrambling information and making the keys important to encode and decode the information is costly. Regardless of what sort of encryption is utilized, the frameworks playing out the computational truly difficult work must have accessible assets.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications.


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