Explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement

Explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement

Explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement

Management Question

Please review the grading rubric carefully before answering the questions.

We have now found and hired our new talent.  This week, we work and engaging and retaining them.

Employee Engagement (Be sure to review the videos)

Based on the various definitions and discussions that you have seen in the videos and article, how would you describe employee engagement?

Explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement?

Discuss why employee engagement is so important.

Think about your current (if you are not currently working – you last job).  What does the organization do to engage workers?  If the CEO came to you and asked you to develop a plan to engage workers, what would you suggest?  Support your answers with material from this week’s material.

When Marissa Mayer was hired as CEO of Yahoo! morale among the employees had been very low.  Watch the video and read the article on the employee related actions by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo.  Then address the following questions:

Explain the two controversial decisions made by Mayer regarding employees. Be sure to review videos and articles on this.

Explain the impact (both positive and negative) of each of these decisions on productivity, employee morale, engagement, and retention.

Discuss whether or not you agree with each of these decisions. (Discuss each one separately.) Support your answers.

Discuss what you learned from the engagement video about employees who “sink the boat.”  As a consultant, how would you suggest that Mayer handle these employees? This question will take some thought and discussion as you need to earn your money as a consultant!

3.  Turnover (Be sure to review Intro to Week Seven – Part 1)

What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary turnover.

Explain the three variable that will impact voluntary turnover explained in the video (desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, alternatives).

Explain how the type of employee and their position might determine the relative importance to the company of the turnover.



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Employee engagement is a workplace concept that defines the degree of passion and dedication employees feel towards their jobs. If this workplace approach is a success, it creates the right conditions for the staff in an organization to perform exceptionally well every day as they are committed to the organization’s goals………………………………..

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