Develop a potential solution using concepts or strategies

Develop a potential solution using concepts or strategies

Topic:I will focusing on option one for my portfolio project and will be addressing organization development and employee development/retention for the millennial generation. I work for a credit union in Denver and one of the more significant challenges the organization faces is finding top quality talent that fall into the millennial group and retaining them as long term employees. I will look at what the organization needs to change or develop in order to engage with this age group.

For the final Portfolio Project, write a paper that includes an assessment and analysis of a psychology-related problem or challenge. Your paper should adhere to the following guidelines:

This should be a challenge encountered in an organization in which you currently work or have previously worked.

Develop a potential solution using concepts or strategies from the course textbook and additional scholarly sources from the CSU-Global library.

Provide sufficient detail when describing the problem, including the type of organization and division/department in which the problem occurred, as well as any other pertinent background factors.

Write from a third-person perspective and with a professional-academic tone.

Portfolio milestones are due in the weeks in which they are assigned. Go to the module assignment page for full details:

Adhere to the following requirements for the paper:

Follow APA Guidelines

Include at least five and not more than seven full pages.

Use at least five sources, including at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

Have an introduction and strong thesis.

Make use of support and examples supporting your thesis.

Finish with a forceful conclusion reiterating your main idea.

Demonstrate critical thinking.

Be free of grammar and spelling errors.


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Millenials have been known to be an entitled group of people and more so in the workplace. Their ability to hold on to entitlement is not only a misconception but also a skewed thought. They have been able to get to higher heights and have also been able to realize their rights within the workplace. Taking this into consideration…………………..
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