You are a newly hired emergency manager for your local area.

You are a newly hired emergency manager for your local area.

You are a newly hired emergency manager for your local area. You have been an emergency manager in others cities in which you understood the infrastructures of all of the organizations that were within the national response framework (NRF). As a new employee, you understand the importance of networking and fellowship among emergency management organizations. You have decided that you want to attend the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) meetings.

You are interested in getting to know all of the emergency management organizations in the area. You must complete a white paper plan identifying each of the emergency management agencies. The paper will contain the name and purpose of each of these emergency management organizations. In addition, you must explain why they are important to the NRF and what part they play in the phases of emergency management.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 2–4 pages:

What is the National Response Framework, and what is its purpose?

Research the various local, county, and state emergency management organizations, as well as NGOs, in a state of your choosing. Consider CERT teams, first response agencies, and so on.

Select 4 of these organizations that were discovered through your research, and answer the following questions:

What is the organization, and at what governmental level does it operate? Explain.

What are the roles of this organization, and what is its connection to the National Response Framework? Explain.

Consider the 4 primary phases of crisis and emergency management.

During which phases does the organization operate?

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This is the guide that gives the manner in which the country responds to disasters and the emergencies that may occur domestically. The purpose of this framework is to offer guidelines on how the country carry’s out prevention measures, response measures, and recovery measures in major disasters like terroristic attacks…………………………


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