Edward Snowden – Argument paper pick a side

Edward Snowden – Argument paper pick a side

Edward Snowden – Argument paper pick a side

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Topic: Edward Snowden – Argument paper pick a side

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ESSAY PAPER No. 1 Writing an Argument (tech related, but it’s for a philosophy class, my hope is the English used is simple and easy to read and flows smooth. ) Date: January 23, 2021 (if possible, in the past the writing did not flow well so I need to be sure of this before it’s finished. Just let me know if you have questions.) An argument paper is a reasoned attempt to persuade or convince your reader that your view regarding a philosophical problem related to the text is valid. It is not exactly a research paper or a summary essay. A thesis statement is required in an argument paper. The paragraphs must be easy and simple to read. Set up, state, support, support. TOPIC: *****So you will write an argument paper on the case of Edward Snowden..by picking a side. Use simple words a 6th grader could understand, that flows smooth in each paragraph. Note we are in the US….when referring to thinks In addition, you have to present possible objections to your thesis, and your supporting reasons why the counterarguments to your thesis should be rejected. An argument essay has the following structure: 1. Your own title. 2. Introduction – it contains background information and your thesis statement. Be sure to express your thesis as clearly and as persuasively as you can. 3. Arguments to support your thesis. Make sure your arguments are based on facts. Use ethical principles/theories to support your position. 4. Possible counterarguments to your argument. Use easy words that anyone can understand please. 5. Response to the counterarguments. 6. Conclusion – reinforce your original thesis by overcoming all counterarguments or modify it by showing that some of the objections constitute unanswerable difficulties. For your first essay, you will write an argument paper on the case of Edward Snowden. You will take a position on the question of whether Snowden is a moral hero or a traitor. A moral hero is someone who did a morally admirable and commendable act, even if the act may be illegal. There are many articles, blogs, documentaries, interviews and even a feature film made about the case so you can find a lot of materials online. (below i will find some that you might want to use….I’m open to what you want to use. Know we are located in the US) Make sure all the materials that you use for your paper are documented bibliography. note Advise from teacher: • Avoid fluff. Clear writing is economical. Use words that are simple and easy to read….nothing over 6th grade level. It leads a reader through issues with as little wasted intellectual energy as possible. The issue you are discussing should be concisely stated as early in your essay as possible. Don’t waste your thought or your reader’s with flowery introductions. Never start a philosophical paper with “From the dawn of time, men have pondered whether . . .“ Get to the point, be thorough and concise.• Avoid rushed judgment. Use simple words. Don’t ask “What does this mean to me?” Just ask “what does this mean?” The philosophers you will read in this class are trying to express pretty specific ideas as clearly as they can. It can still be hard work to understand them correctly. But you are not in a position to evaluate the arguments or ideas of others until you understand them well. So don’t let your own preconceived ideas get in the way. Put your own opinions and ways of seeing the world in a box in the back of your mind and hold yourself to a high standard of comprehension before taking up the project of evaluating ideas.• Explain things…..use simple words. If you are writing about how Kant sees the dignity of persons as grounded in their autonomous will, you have at least for our five things that need to be spelled out carefully just in getting your reader clearly on to what’s at issue. Use words anyone can easily understand

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Edward Snowden – Argument paper pick a side


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