Diversity and culture are ever growing in the united states

Diversity and culture are ever growing in the united states

Diversity and culture are ever growing in the united states. As the population grows and the culture and diversity changes, I think it’s important for nurses to grow and change also. teaching the variety among the population is also a challenge because you have to incorporate the needs of many different learning styles, principles, and methods. this has an impact on the approach to education because not everyone learns the same, has the availability to resources, or even believes in traditional western medicine. Health promotion becomes important because it gives an individual the power over the causes of health and results in a more positive health outcome. cost is also a factor when it comes to health promotion as a great deal of money can be saved by health prevention as opposed to treating disease. Organizations like the ANA are exist to promote the health of the public through prevention programs. Health care providers can overcome differing points of view regarding health promotion and disease prevention by helping with the research it takes to prove that prevention is favorable over treatment. for example, teaching children in middle school the damaging effects of smoking, may prevent them from smoking, preventing COPD, preventing expensive treatment for breathing problems, pneumonia, oxygen therapy etc.



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I concur with the post notion that culturally sensitive health providers are vital for positive health outcome in a diverse society like in the U.S. Nonetheless, cultural competence is learned over time as it involves personal reflection and awareness. Health service providers like nurses ought to have the skills and knowledge …………………….


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