I enjoy hearing others perspectives and what led them to that thought process

I enjoy hearing others perspectives and what led them to that thought process

Task 1A 8 Ways to Build Collaborative When reading the article 8 Ways to Build Collaborative Teams what resonated with me the most was the discussion around if/how large teams work together. As stated in the article “However, our research shows that as the size of the team increases beyond 20 members, the level of natural cooperation among members of the team decreases”. It is clear through my work experience that teams larger than 20 are common. I have experienced both the positives and negatives of large work teams. The article reports that higher levels of diversity results in group members not being as willing to share ideas, I disagree with this. Personally I thrive in a team when there are high levels of diversity. I enjoy hearing others perspectives and what led them to that thought process. Everyone in the team will have different life experiences that led them to that conclusion. I feel that having different perspectives helps the group members to think outside the box and steers ideas in directions that an individual may not draw upon themselves. On the opposite side I am very aware that not everyone you work with has this same interest for diversity. The example of Royal Bank of Scotland from the article is a great way to help improve large teams and especially welcome diversity. Due to the open layout, atrium, community style, restaurants and shops the employees will be interacting with one another without the feeling that they are being forced. With this structure employees may be familiar with members on their team even if they do not work in the same department from interacting while on the campus.  These small interactions over time will amount to willingness to openly communicate with others, share ideas, and be more accepting to others ideas. Even while not on the headquarters campus diversity is still being embraced during career development due to the traveling across different countries, businesses, and functions. I feel that communicate is crucial to the success of a team. As I have stated before I enjoy diversity within a group and feel it plays into the success of a group. Based on the CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland’s work environment I’m sure that they have work teams of well over 20 members that work together efficiently. Why Teams Don’t Work I found the article Why Teams Don’t Work to be interesting in a disappointing way. In my work environment I am all about team work even if it’s just the normal daily tasks throughout the office and this article made me reflect on team work in a way I haven’t before. In big bold lettering reads a quote from J. Richard Hackman, Harvard University stating “I have no question that a team can generate magic. But don’t count on it” and I thought “what a dumb comment”. Once I read the article and my mind starting to think differently I thought about all the times throughout undergraduate and graduate school that I worked in a group and we did not create magic. It was stated in the arti


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I agree that there are many ways large teams can work together efficiently. However, that depends on whether the right environment is put in place (Gratton & Erickson, 2007). That is why I feel that the article is very educative. Even in life there are optimal number of things one can do and when one exceeds this level everything starts diminishing. Similarly, there is a certain number of people…………………


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