Read Ch. 5 of The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business.

Read Ch. 5 of The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (100 words)

Read Ch. 5 of The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business.

Consider the following as you read:

The various types of alternative dispute resolutions and how they differ.

The potential benefits to a business of alternative dispute resolution over litigation.[;vnd.vst.idref=chap5]!/4/6/2@0:88.5

7b. Conflict Vs. Dispute ( Student Post) (100 words)

Dispute is a disagreement over a particular issue between two people or groups. A dispute is a short-term occurrence. for example a common disagreement at work might be who gets to work the best shift. If a dispute comes about over hours between employees, management will resolve the dispute by assigning their shifts. The incident will not affect their work throughout the day.

Conflict results from continual disputes as the frustration level rises. If two workers continually dispute one another over their tasks, for example, they may begin to see each other as stubborn, aggressive or hostile and develop a mutual dislike of one another. This can increase their disputes and eventually result in full-blown conflict over their work methods or a conflict on a personal level.

8. Problems and Dispute Resolution (100 words)

Watch the instructional video by clicking on the® link.

Type the title “Problems and Dispute Resolution” (from: Running a Design Business: Designer – Client Agreements) in the Search Bar to find the video.

Consider the following as you watch:

The various options for Alternative Dispute Resolution and the benefit of using it over litigation when dealing with clients or other business associates.

Problems and dispute resolution

As a freelance creative, you need to know how to write proposals and contracts for client-commissioned projects. Learn the basics of writing consulting agreements …

8b  ADR — pros and cons (Professor Response) (100 words)

What are some examples of alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs)? What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with ADR versus litigation? What are some examples of ADR  that can occur in your professional and personal life? Explain.

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I think you have a good grip of the difference between disputes and conflicts. To emphasize on it, however, I would say that a dispute is a short-lived disagreement between two or more parties over a negotiable subject/object (Burton, 1990). Principally, it is over a negotiable factor because such factors are generally not basic…………………………….


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