Effects of Gentrification and Displacement

Effects of Gentrification and Displacement

The focus of my research project is: The effects of Gentrification and Displacement in New York City and how does it impact certain communities in relation to the displaced and the ones who are living there now. The focus is also about the social and economic aspects of Gentrification and Displacement in NYC, how families face harsh living conditions just for the city government to gain financial stability. Homes and businesses in poor communities are being displaced and pushed out, while the rich are being placed in these communities. The homes and businesses in these communities also have a lack of representation. So therefore, they don’t have representatives to fight for their rights and communities. This should all be elaborated within this assignment!!

Write a 1000 word statement in which you propose a qualitative aspect of a hypothetical research project on the effects of Gentrification and Displacement in NYC!


Your first paragraph should introduce your proposed research question with a brief paragraph. In this paragraph you should:

a) state the question you are researching as a question and

b) describe the argument or debates you hope your research can address. Your research question does not have to be precisely the same as your original question. However, I recommend that you can propose a question which addresses some aspect of your original topic of interest, so that you can see how you might need to adapt your research in order to do a qualitative research project.

In the following paragraphs, you should:

a) justify why qualitative research, as opposed to quantitative research would be well suited to addressing your question

b) identify the main type of qualitative research design that you think would be most appropriate for your research question (participant observation, intensive interviews, case study or comparative research)

c) explain why this design overall is well suited to addressing your question

d) identify and explain the merits of the type of sampling strategy you would use to select your site or case (deviant, exemplars),

e) describe the steps you would take to realize your study ( how you would gain access to your research cite/subjects and how you would represent your work to them or how would gain access to relevant data on your case(s))

f) explain how these steps would help you attain authenticity in your research (such as why you think your approach to gain and maintain access to a particular participant observation site, interview subjects or data on a case or comparison is the best strategy likely to yield the most authentic results)

g) identify the type of sampling strategies you would use to select subjects or data within your sites or cases (such as quota, snowball, availability, purposive) and

h) explain how these sampling strategies within sites/cases will shape the conclusions you are able to reach with your research (how generalizable it is, how it will enable you to examine or refine your main theoretical argument of interest).

At the end of the research proposal, create the documents you would need to apply for IRB approval for research involving human subjects. This would include a statement for an IRB board as well as an oral script for obtaining informed consent. Introduce the statement with the subheading “IRB Statement”. The statement should a) describe how your research will relate to human subjects (what interaction if any, will you have with human subjects? Or what identifiable information, if any, would you collect from human subjects?) b) assess the potential harms (and benefits) to subjects of your research c) assess the risk of experiencing these harms and d) explain why the benefits of the study outweigh any potential risk of harm to the subjects. For the oral consent, adapt one of the scripts provided by BU’s IRB for your project. (Go to https://binghamton.edu/research/compliance/humansubjects/coeus.html and scroll down to find the oral consent sample to work from.)

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Effects of Gentrification and Displacement


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