Discuss the project plan documentation including all critical elements

Discuss the project plan documentation including all critical elements

Provide a status report to your classmates and instructor. Discuss any major modifications you have made to your plan, system, or documentation.

Discuss the project plan documentation including all critical elements:

Describe your work breakdown structure.
What software tools will you use to communicate the work breakdown structure to stakeholders, to illustrate your timeline/schedule, and so on?
What resource or task dependencies will your schedule reflect?
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Designing and implementing an information technology system requires the use of an effective method. The methodology used to implement an IT project proposal should be very effective to ensure its success in an organization. The cloud service project proposal which seeks to boost the security, as well as efficiency in the use of IT services by customers in the market, requires the use of effective methodology to implement it. The cloud services will offer solutions to the security threats faced by many information technology systems applied by firms in the industry to boost the performance of their organizations. This way, a firm can boost its performance in the industry.

Joint Application Design is one of the effective system design methodologies that can be used in the implementation of this system. This methodology will ensure all the important stakeholders in a firm are consulted in the implementation of the project. The system designer, executive sponsor, and manager of the system will be consulted through the use of this technique (Khaitan & McCalley, 2015). As such, the project will succeed effectively once implemented in the firm.

Some of the potential risks that may hinder successful completion of this project are lack of adequate resources by the firm, poor management of the project and finally lack of support by the top management (Batkovskiy, Batkovskiy, Klochkov, Semenova & Fomina, 2016). These risks will prevent successful completion of the project in the market hence leading to its failure. For a project to be successful for instance, the top management should support it effectively. Through the support of the top management, adequate resources will be channeled to the project hence leading to its success in the market. Effective management of a project also promotes its success in the industry. These risks should be mitigated effectively to ensure the success of the project in the firm.

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Discuss the project plan documentation including all critical elements


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