Psychological impact of disasters on children

Psychological impact of disasters on children

This week we are going to focus on finding reputable articles for the Literature Review section of your proposal. The literature review is the proposal’s foundation, indicating to the reader your critical analysis of the problem you have chosen to study. You are establishing the currently accepted facts of the situation you have chosen to study, tracing the determination of those facts and the unanswered questions to culminate in your study hypothesis or specific concern (qualitative studies).

You will choose an area of Disaster Management to build your proposal around. Know that this initial portion is often re-iterative. In other words, you may start and discard multiple ideas before you settle on a question you can answer with your study, building on the prior body of knowledge.

Your first installment will be five peer-reviewed academic or scientific papers of recent publication (five to ten years old) that you will locate, read, analyze, and annotate.

A key component of a research proposal is a review of the literature. You need to establish what is known and what is unknown about your chosen topic. Every CHOICE you make in the research project design needs to be supported by ‘grounding’ in the existent body of accepted knowledge, thus review and citations of the literature related to methods.

an annotated bibliography of a minimum of five (5) papers relating to your chosen topic, research question, and general methods you anticipate utilizing.

You can use the link below to start searching the disaster literature.

the topic will be psychological impact of disasters on children


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Psychological impacts of disasters on children



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