Describe the geographic area and how it was impacted by the disaster.

Describe the geographic area and how it was impacted by the disaster.

We are going to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands on a mission after hurricane Irma:


1. Discuss the scenario below.

2. Decide what your Mission’s hours should be.

3. Complete your Project Description in detail.

The Medical Director of your mission has proposed a “summer hours” program as an option for your team. On a rotating schedule, team members can choose to work their regular 8-5 Monday-Friday schedule, or 9 hours Monday through Thursday, and 4 hours on Friday, leaving at noon.

Your team has been asked to analyze this approach and make recommendations

Remember we are going there for 3 months only, so I think we should help as many people as we can, but also, we should have a schedule.


a. Describe in detail the community you will serve. Include income, access to services, cultural or language barriers, etc.

You may use local news sources, video clips, or information found on websites. Be sure to cite your sources. You may use endnotes. Refer to you APA manual.

b. Provide a rationale for your mission.

c. Clearly describe the population characteristics that justify the need for your services.

d. Describe the geographic area and how it was impacted by the disaster.

e. Justify that you are meeting an unmet need.

f. Describe how you will coordinate with any other available resources, organizations or agencies.

g. Be sure to address any outreach challenges such as language, access to services, etc.

h. Describe your days and hours of operation and provide the justification.

i. Describe and justify your clinic location.


1. Report your findings.

a. Identify the issues, both pros and cons for employees and patient care delivery during these alternate hours.

b. Make the case for your team’s selection and discuss how it chose to resolve any conflicts or issues.

c. Based upon your readings this week, which color “hat” best describes your own way of analyzing the problem?



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Hurricane Irma broke the record as the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic in September 6, 2017. Its winds travelled 185 M/hr for 37 hours. The death toll recorded 102 people, about 90% of the buildings in Barbuda were damaged leaving 60% population homeless while all communication in the affected area……………………


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