Developing Business Strategy

Developing Business Strategy

Complete numbers 1-3 on page 42 from the course text: You must answer the questions directly and then you MUST use another company as a reference for successful business practices.

Write your analysis in a 3-5 page APA formatted paper including at least 2 references in support of your paper.

1-3 page 42 Questions

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1.What did Jeffrey H. Boyd, CEO of Priceline, and his man- agement team do to turn around the business to make it profitable after the downturn in 2001?

2.What aspects of strategic leadership found in this chapter are emphasized in the mini-case on

3.If you were the CEO of Priceline, what challenges would you need to overcome in the future given the knowledge you have gained through studying the concepts in this chapter?

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The executive at Priceline wanted to attempt to terminate their situation of almost becoming bankrupt through concentrating on a creative technique which was considering the online booking which was not initially part of their operations……………………….


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