Demand and Supply Law

Demand and Supply Law

Assuming you are using Facebook

BOOK- Microeconomics 6th Edition

Authors R. Glenn Hubbard and Anthony Patrick O’Brien

Assuming you are using Facebook……If Facebook would start charging a fee would you still utilize this social networking tool? What would the supply and demand curves look like without a charge and with a charge? Is there a shift or a movement involved? Explain your answer utilizing your knowledge from Chapter 3.

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2. Made good use of the principles and concepts presented in the chapter readings.

3. Provided adequate support and justification.

4. Applied a level of understanding expected of a college-level student.

5. When appropriate, additional examples were used to validate the responses given.

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The rumor that facebook is about to start charging its users has been very rampant. A change like this would affect the way in which it operates and the number of users it has will lower. The law of demand and supply is something that every business should………………………..
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