Definitions of Theological Terms

Definitions of Theological Terms

During the course of the semester, we will talk about and use many terms which may not be familiar to you. The following list contains the terms that I feel you should have a better knowledge of.

Each definition you submit should be typed, in complete sentences, as though you might be writing it for an encyclopedia or a specialized dictionary. You should define what the word means, why it is important, and how it may have been used. Many of these words have several schools of thought, and these should be described, as well as the thinking on the subject from major scholars. Each definition should incorporate, indirectly, what we have said in class. In addition to the knowledge you gain in class, each definition must engage at least two scholarly sources (only one of which can be a theological dictionary or encyclopedia! Look for books and articles, especially books designed to be introductory textbooks for theology students). By engage, I do not mean that you merely put a source in a footnote – engaging a source means that you introduce what the source says or believes, and then build on that or offer a contrary opinion. Your scholarly sources should be properly cited. Each definition should be 2-3 pages in length, or 400-800 words.

Scholarly sources: Start with either the Anchor Bible Dictionary, the New Jerome Biblical Commentary, or the New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible, all of which are available in the reference section of the Theological library in Mullen. These sources can also give you references to other sources to use in your paper.

These are the terms you should define:

Moral Theology
Prophet (Prophetic Tradition)

Do four Definitions (8-12 pages, 8 scholarly sources).

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The term covenant is defined as an agreement or contract between God and his people where God prescribes His promises to the people with some requirements from them so as to realize the promises. In the Old Testament, for instance, God makes agreements with various people including Abraham, Moses and Noah…………………….


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