Discussion Board Post (Nursing)

Discussion Board Post (Nursing)

Discussion Board Post (Nursing)


Subject: Nursing

Topic: Nursing Informatics

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Discussion Board Post A) As smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous, we continue to hear that nearly all of our personal data and activity can be potentially collected, shared, and used to target us in one way or another. As more patients begin to use their mobile devices for monitoring their health and for accessing, storing, sending, and receiving their health data, what are the dangers if these data are not secure and protected? Do the concerns extend beyond unwanted targeted advertising? (Consider issues such as patient data being accessed by health insurers, employers, or potential employers.) B) Perform online research to locate RECs in our geographic region. (Madison County, FL) What resources does the REC offer? C) What qualities and characteristics are necessary to be an effective informatics nurse in the public policy arena? How are these skills unique or somewhat different from the characteristics that make a good nurse in general? How are they the same? That is, what required traits are shared to perform these roles?

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Discussion Board Post Nursing

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