Current Issues in the News

Current Issues in the News

Please create a blog (post) based upon a recently published business news article of your choice that discusses issues relevant to the analytical framework of this course.

Please provide a clear reference to the selected article at the opening of your post (name of author, title, publication source, date of publication). Please attach an electronic version of the article to your post, saved as a Word document.

Do not just summarize the article; use it as a basis for developing an opinion of your own, and finish with a question or two.

Length of your post: one and a half to two pages max. single space

You must also respond to at least two other students’ blogs, either by answering their questions or adding to their discussion.

Grading criteria: included in the Syllabus.

Deadlines: (1) Your blog has to be created by 11:59 pm on March 12th, Tuesday

Hesitant about your current-event article?Talk with me. Obviously analytical current-event articles focused on hot & highly debated topics (for example, impact of US-China trade war on American grain exporters) would have more value than short informational articles or articles which discuss issues of marginal importance to the field of global business risk management (for example, level of inflation in Brazil, or China-Taiwan relations).

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Current Issues in the News


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